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The WEST LAKE of Ahwatukee Farms is surrounded by lush greenery, an extensive trail system, and connections into adjacent neighborhoods, the perfect spot for a Saturday afternoon picnic or game of catch.

Beautiful LINEAR PARKS will be artfully placed throughout Ahwatukee Farms, bringing tree lined streets, landscaped walks and play areas to the front door of homeowners.

The signature COMMUNITY FARM is the beating heart of Ahwatukee Farms. Intended for all Ahwatukee residents, the farm will serve as the neighborhood gathering spot and be a source of fresh homegrown food. The Montessori school campus will be integrated into the farm and will provide Ahwatukee’s youngest students with an outdoor classroom opportunity.

A BRIDGE crafted of stone marks the arrival to Ahwatukee Farms’ northwest neighborhood. The bridge and associated drainage network will play an important role in the comprehensive stormwater management system, a benefit to all neighboring Ahwatukee residents.

This CORE VIEW shows how the community crossroads will be rooted in the Kyrene-Ahwatukee history of agriculture. The school campus, lakes, and community park will integrate with the Community Farm, a future hub for all Ahwatukee residents.

Supporting Ahwatukee’s active lifestyle, the extensive TRAIL SYSTEM will run along the perimeter of the entire community, offering a buffer to neighbors and a scenic location for evening walks, morning runs or weekend bike rides.

The elegant LANDSCAPED BOULEVARDS welcome residents and neighbors to this charming community. The pedestrian-friendly roads will support safe travel throughout Ahwatukee Farms and its surrounding neighborhoods.

A Handcrafted Vision

Ahwatukee Farms began with the simple belief that a community can be a catalyst.  We believe in the possibility to unify the new with the established, provide a healthy lifestyle, be a hub of energy, and deliver quality education.  This is the inspiration to do better.

To make this a reality, award-winning designers were empowered to take the characteristics that define Ahwatukee and create a vision that brings these values to life.  The result of those efforts is illustrated in the thoughtful plan for Ahwatukee Farms.

Featuring elegant boulevards and thoughtfully crafted homes against the gorgeous views of South Mountain, Ahwatukee Farms continues the legacy of bright, charming neighborhoods.  It transforms the property into a treasured community where families can connect with their neighbors every day.

The land surrounding Ahwatukee Farms was built on agriculture.  The rich soil and protected spaces made the area attractive to farmers who settled in the Valley.  Over time, farms gave way to communities.

Continuing in this tradition, a community farm will be the heart of Ahwatukee Farms, serving as a hub for activity and interaction.  Always abuzz, the farm will provide farm tours, harvest festivals, farm-to-table dinners, gardening workshops and cooking demonstrations.

Integrated with the farm will be a new Montessori school campus.  Montessori schools are highly respected institutions that pride themselves on creating an environment for children in which they are encouraged to explore, create, learn, socialize, and celebrate their unique talents.  The farm will serve as a backdrop and an outdoor classroom.

The Ahwatukee Farms community is a living part of its natural surroundings, with an instinctive bond between residents and nature.  Today, more than ever, fresh air, fresh food, and a place to grow are needed.  This is a place to foster meaningful relationships and connect with living systems.

Welcome to Ahwatukee Farms.


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