Ahwatukee Foothills is the embodiment of pristine living that everyone can cherish.  Nestled against the South Mountain Preserve, the area started as a farming district, and has blossomed into a community of neighborhoods built around thriving small businesses, outstanding public and private schools, and an active outdoor lifestyle. 

This is a special place for all to call home.

Community-Supported Agriculture

Ahwatukee Farms celebrates the history of the area by embracing its roots and incorporating agricultural based features such as community-supported agriculture, an outdoor farming classroom, and a Farmer’s Market.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a critical component to Ahwatukee Farms, it fosters and enriches relationships while bringing people together around an essential part of our daily lives - food.

Residents will have the opportunity to become a member of the farm through the CSA program. CSA is a model of farming that strengthens the local food system by tying those who grow food to those who eat it.  Being a member of the CSA farm and purchasing a “share” at the beginning of the growing season, residents fund the operating expenses of the farm operation, and receive a share of fresh produce each week throughout the growing season.  Members visit the farm to pick up their weekly share and engage with the farm, the farmers, and other members. 

Utilizing sustainable farming methods, the farms at Ahwatukee Farms intend to apply natural growing techniques in the production of a diverse selection of vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries and cut flowers.  The soil will be built up through cover cropping, crop rotation, and companion planting.  Planting to attract beneficial insects will reduce the dependency on chemicals. 

Important for all generations and residents, knowing where fresh food comes from and how its grown is an integral part to a healthy lifestyle.  The farm is much more than a place where food is grown; it is a place where relationships are cultivated and memories are made.

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Montessori School

Integrated with the community farm will be a new, additional campus for Desert Garden Montessori (DGM), a Phoenix based non-profit independent school. DGM was established in 1996 and today has almost 300 students at their Ahwatukee campus. In alignment with the Montessori philosophy, students are encouraged to explore, create, learn, socialize, and celebrate their unique talents. The school currently serves children from infancy to the 11th grade. The hands-on curriculum has a strong focus on global awareness, sustainability and seed-to-table concepts. An extension of this focus is their organic lunch program, which has won awards and national recognition.

DGM is an International Baccalaureate (IB) candidate school for the Middle Years Program (7 – 10th grades). The new Ahwatukee Farms campus will allow them to extend their offerings through the 12th grade. The unique blend of the Montessori and IB reflect the utmost ideals and achievement in their respective approaches to education. By April of 2017, Desert Garden Montessori will be the only independent IB Montessori school in the state of Arizona.

The partnership between the new campus and the community farm will actively engage students in the relationships between nature, the environment, sustainability, farming, and entrepreneurship throughout their curriculum. Students will participate in project-based learning and explore issues from social/environmental impact to local citizenship and community stewardship. In addition, individual support and instruction will be provided in a variety of areas, including: athletics, the arts, technology, foreign language, personal health, business, and financial literacy.  

By immersing students in real-life, hands-on lessons in their learning environment, Desert Garden Montessori's new location at Ahwatukee Farms will give our future leaders a strong sense of responsibility and a deep connection to their local community. To learn more about Desert Garden Montessori or to schedule a tour, visit their web page at

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Active Lifestyle

The places in which residents live, work, and play can affect both mental and physical well-being. Communities can offer opportunities to improve health and increase active living. Embracing the challenge, Ahwatukee Farms is designed in a way that supports physical activity and encourages residents to make healthy life choices.

Ahwatukee Foothills is known for its endless recreation amenities. South Mountain Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States, offers a vast web of scenic hiking and mountain biking trails for all levels.  The community has several cherished road cycling routes and several championship quality golf courses. Pecos Regional Park is a significant amenity to the community that offers residents adult and youth classes, sport courts, athletic fields and access to a community center.

“We must be alert to the health benefits, including less stress, lower blood pressure, and overall improved physical and mental health, that can result when people live and work in accessible, safe, well-designed, thoughtful structures and landscapes.”

Richard Johnson, MD, MPH
Former Director of CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health

Like the surrounding area, Ahwatukee Farms is designed to incorporate meandering trails and a network of well-worn footpaths to connect residents to the community’s farm, school campus, pocket parks, and sparkling lakes. Flowing open spaces will provide the perfect landscape for a game of catch, a family picnic or an afternoon soaking up the sun. The Farmer’s Market will offer nourishing fresh food and a place to educate children about nutrition and instill healthy dietary habits.

Health and wellness is an everyday part of Ahwatukee Farms.

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